Data, Research and Insights Explained

Unfamiliar with the data, research and insights sector and what we do? Let us tell you all about this amazing sector and the professional expertise it provides to support decision-makers to take decisions supporting businesses, charities, governments and society.

ICC/ESOMAR International Code

The ICC/ESOMAR International Code drafted by the ICC (International Chambers of Commerce) and ESOMAR (The World Association for Data, Research and Insights) is the data, research and insight's global code of conduct. It was first drafted together in 1976, from a previous Code dating a far back as 1948! Adopted by national associations worldwide, the ICC/ESOMAR International Code sets the essential international professional standards for our sector.

International Guidelines

Through international partnerships involving ESOMAR, WAPOR (World Association for Public Opinion Research) and the Global Research Business Network (GRBN), our associations draft international guidelines setting best practice recommendations for our members to follow to help them better adhere to the standards set by the ICC/ESOMAR International Code and equivalent national Codes.

Global Knowledge Base

Have a question about how research should be conducted, whether a project is allowed given a particular country's legal framework, or how the ICC/ESOMAR International Code should be applied in a given context? Our Global Knowledge Base features published answers from participating association experts to common questions relating to our sector's business and professional practices.

Complaints and Disciplinary Process

Have a conflict with one of our members, or believe that they are violating their promises to adhere to the ICC/ESOMAR International Code or one of its equivalent national Codes? Find out how our complaints and disciplinary process work in participating countries so you know what to expect as possible solutions to your complaint.

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